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How small and mid-size companies streamline and save with Compensation SAAS

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“These misconceptions actually prevent companies from streamlining their compensation process, from saving time, effort and money.”

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compACT is the right compensation software for companies of all sizes –  managing salary review, bonus, and incentive admin.

We make compensation easier.

1. Comp Plan execution is where problems usually arise.

2. HR needs real­ time reports to manage compensation.

3. Your salary admin solution must save time and money.

Whether you’re a seasoned vet or just starting, compACT’s agile support ensures you’re well taken care of.

Make better decisions while reducing the overall cost of compensation plan admin. We’ll help you do it right!


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compACT‘s compensation application provides
immediate feedback on the impact of critical pay decisions.

“Compensation and Benefits being one of the core areas of Human Capital Management, many organizations still struggle with complex spread sheets and spend countless hours each year.

compACT seems to plug that gap with a very flexible and easy to use tool that can seamlessly integrate with an existing HR system. ”

Lawrence Zacharias , Manager – Human Resources at MOL-IT Information Technology

The Right Compensation Management Solution

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Configurable Components

Configurable Components

Data | Calculations | Visibility | Rule Builder

How to Customize
Secure Role Based Access

Secure Role Based Access

Administrators | HR Managers | Managers

Control Access
Immediate Cloud Deployment

Immediate Cloud Deployment

Cloud, Client Hosted, and Licensing Options

Why Cloud-based is the Popular Choice
Security Standards

Security Standards

Data Security | Network Security | Access Policy

How Secure and Safe?

“Superior Compensation Admin Software for Base Salary, Bonus, Stock, Long/Short Term Incentives”

The software application is secure, flexible, and highly configurable for use in administration of complex “company-specific” compensation programs and budgets.

  • Nice reporting and analytics are provided and are highly customizable for individual programs.
  • Customer support staff is very knowledgeable in both compensation program design and project management and guided us expertly through the requirements gathering, development, UAT and implementation, “go-live” stages.
  • Leadership was genuinely pleased with the overall value added by this software to our organization; the increase in tools and information available to managers to make better compensation decisions while reducing the overall cost of compensation plan administration.

Connie Jones, Compensation Manager – Oncor 

Compensation white papers and reviews

How Small and Mid-Sized Companies benefit from Modern Compensation Solutions

Turning Compensation Woes into Wows

A surprising number of small and mid-sized businesses continue to manage their compensation programs with rudimentary tools such as Excel spreadsheets. Some believe that modern compensation software is for large enterprises only. Others worry about the complexities and costs of shifting to software.

These misconceptions actually prevent companies from streamlining their compensation process,and from saving time, effort and money.
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Compensation consumes 50-70% of a company’s income.

We help you get the most out of your compensation plan,
automating and delivering easy to use, actionable reports.

Custom tailored compensation solutions

Merit | Bonus | Stock | Long & Short Term Plans

All your compensation in one place.

compensation analytics

Explore Extensive Analytics

The 7 compACT Advantages

1.  Your people find it easy to use the same compensation management tool right away.
2.  Configure and customize the compensation application to control budgets and manage workflows.
3.  All your data is in one place, safe and secure, and will integrate with most HRIS software.
4.  Project Managers with deep experience. The Team, support and technical, deliver results.
5.  Real time Analytics show the latest budgets.
6.  Set rules and restrictions to control the budget.
7.  Provides real time data to managers, executives, and admins by role.

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The right compensation executes
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engaging people with the right pay,
and lowering the costs of
recruiting and training new people

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