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Active Assist

Active Assist

ActiveAssist is an employee self-service solution for Active Directory user account management.


  • Active Directory Account Unlock
  • User Password Reset
  • Configurable Multi-Factor Authentication Procedure
  • OTP (SMS / Email), Security Questionnaire
  • User Password Expiry Reminder
  • Auto Discovery of New Employee

Why ActiveAssist?

  • ActiveAssist delivers a minimum saving of 25% on the cost of servicing a request
  • Increase in Employee Productivity is an added benefit as queue / waiting time is eliminated

Subscription based pricing driven by business returns:

  • Pay-as-you-go Model
  • Rs. 15/- per Account Unlock or Password Reset
  • Unlimited requests per Active Directory Domain
  • Rs. 49,999/- per year

Architecture :


Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Mobile devices, particularly smart phones, have opened up the possibility of being productive from where ever you are, but adapting existing solutions for these devices presents unique challenges. Thanks to our investment in emerging markets, we are ready to help you with solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms.

Our carefully designed, lean applications:

  • Have a rich and easy-to-use interface
  • Leave a very small footprint on your device
  • Download and install quickly
  • Have a short startup time
  • Feature our state-of-the-art security systems


  • BYTE is a Software Development Accelerator Platform available on the Cloud
  • Software solutions can be built using BYTE and deployed on the cloud
    • Ranging from simple shadow applications that exist in an enterprise for a specific life time to complex enterprise solutions can be built rapidly
  • BYTE offers the ability to generate and deploy the built applications on different environments (Public Cloud / Private Cloud / Own Servers)

BYTE can be your technology co-founder that drives innovation and also help you use funds better. A domain expert can indulge himself to create the ideas as a cloud ready software application safely and securely.

Announcing compACT compensation management software

  • Provides the tools to help your management team to easily understand the compensation process and take ownership in their pay decisions
  • Increased retention and engagement of top performers
  • Decreased cost of compensation plan administration
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) than on-premise ERP systems


Compensation team is EmPowered ! CompACT provides its administrators the power to configure and accelerate compensation planning and management.

An Administrator can

  • Load and audit data
  • Manually update ad hoc data changes
  • Configure business rules and data
  • Control application access
  • Turn components on and off
  • Customize warning messages
  • Assign special users
  • Modify workflow instantaneously
  • Override exceptions to business rules
  • Set/update budgets
  • Audit usage
  • Audit activity
  • Run standard and ad hoc, on demand analyses

CompACT’s built-in suite of reports and charts gives you instant access to your most frequently used analyses, and advanced reports including market and intra-organizational comparisons. Customized and ad hoc reports can be created in seconds.