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Guide managers through salary, bonus,and stock allocation decisions.

More than just a task automation tool, compACT facilitates your strategic decision-making process, based on your own organization’s specific compensation philosophy.

compACT guides your managers step-by-step through critical pay decisions, providing immediate feedback on the impact of each scenario. Its powerful tools shave hours and days off the planning process. Integrated analytical tools let you explore budget allocation alternatives. And a complete suite of chart, graph, and report functions create compelling management presentations.

All types of compensation. All in one place.

Salary, bonuses, stock, short-term and long-term compensation programs, even use of company assets-compACT incorporates every form of compensation in one convenient location. It saves time and gives you a total perspective on all your compensation expenditures.

You don’t have to build your own spreadsheets anymore.

How much valuable time do managers spend creating and compiling spreadsheets and wrestling with their formulas? compACT provides powerful, integrated analytical tools that allow managers to spend their time exploring strategies—not struggling with spreadsheets. compACT’s tools cover standard compensation programs, and can easily be customized to fit your unique requirements.

Flexible Reporting, Compelling Graphics.

compACT’s built-in suite of reports and charts gives you instant access to your most frequently used analyses, and advanced reports including market and intra-organizational comparisons. Customized and ad hoc reports can be created in seconds.