Announcing compACT compensation management software

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  • Provides the tools to help your management team to easily understand the compensation process and take ownership in their pay decisions
  • Increased retention and engagement of top performers
  • Decreased cost of compensation plan administration
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) than on-premise ERP systems


Compensation team is EmPowered ! CompACT provides its administrators the power to configure and accelerate compensation planning and management.

An Administrator can

  • Load and audit data
  • Manually update ad hoc data changes
  • Configure business rules and data
  • Control application access
  • Turn components on and off
  • Customize warning messages
  • Assign special users
  • Modify workflow instantaneously
  • Override exceptions to business rules
  • Set/update budgets
  • Audit usage
  • Audit activity
  • Run standard and ad hoc, on demand analyses

CompACT’s built-in suite of reports and charts gives you instant access to your most frequently used analyses, and advanced reports including market and intra-organizational comparisons. Customized and ad hoc reports can be created in seconds.