Part 2. Turning Compensation Woes into Wows – HR Compensation Solutions are difficult to integrate?

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Turning Compensation Woes into Wows

Misconception #2: Companies believe HR software solutions are difficult to integrate into their current systems and to customize.



The reality: Modern compensation software integrates elegantly into a small or mid-sized company’s legacy HR systems and processes … and it’s highly customizable.


  • Integration—One of the greatest benefits of HR compensation software is its built-in capacity to interface with other HR tools and systems. The open architecture of many solutions makes integration quick and seamless and it facilitates the data transfer automation—thereby eliminating the need for manual data transfer often required by Excel-based systems.


  • Customization—Because every company’s compensation needs and plans are unique, the best software solutions have been designed for easy configuration changes and maximum flexibility. They can be quickly adapted to various bonus formulas and incentive programs, for example. And the “dashboards” can often be customized in a wide variety of ways. This enables users to have immediate access to the functions and tasks that are most important to them—and makes interacting with the software efficient and familiar.

Transform Compensation & Control Your Greatest Expense

Your compensation practices have a deep impact on your current employees and their overall engagement and satisfaction levels. They also affect your ability to engage new talent and remain competitive.

  • No matter how small or large your organization is, modern compensation software can give you significant advantages, especially if you’ve experienced issues with paying people accurately or on time … or failing to plan effectively for future compensation challenges … or not being able to give your managers the tools and data they need to make sound compensation decisions.
  • Compensation software is no longer a tool reserved for large enterprises. It’s now a basic business tool for companies of all sizes.
  • Modern software solutions transform compensation from a dreaded chore into a streamlined strategic activity—one that helps you manage talent more effectively and better control your largest cost of doing business all with less time and effort.

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