Meet compACT at Total Rewards 2016 – Booth #407 and Monday Demo

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What is the impact of compensation on your company?

Total Rewards 2016 Monday (June 6) Demo:  4:30-5:30
Best Practices With or Without Compensation Software



Total Rewards 2016 World at Work - cmopACT is an Exhibitor

Impact your World is the theme for 2016 Total Rewards, and as CEO of Kinixsys – creators of compACT compensation software – we like to create impact.  I’d like to personally invite you to discover the impact of compensation on your organization and how to measure it.

Plus we are giving away 3 World at Work books each day at Booth #407 (maybe to you, drop by to see :-).

My team of compensation pros will also be on hand to help with questions. I’ll also be presenting if you’d like to connect on Monday 4:30-5:30. Hope to see you in San Diego.

Michael Thathuvaswamy, CEO |  877-477-8233

Download 2016 Compensation Impact Report (PDF)

The Compensation Impact Report - Why Compensation Software Matters to Small, Mid-Tier, and Enterprise Businesses

We are interested in learning more about your experiences with compensation software. Please complete the short survey and receive the Compensation Management Checklist white paper as our thanks for sharing your insights.

$90,000 Healthcare Case Study PDF

“We use a rather cumbersome Excel Spreadsheet for compensation management within our 1,200+ employee organization. Requiring excessive man-hours to maintain, this approach is error prone while constraining our ability to make appropriate salary/wage adjustments in a timely manner.

Because of these deficiencies, we perpetually run the risks of losing key employees to competitors. An example would be the loss of a higher-end employee for whom we were remiss in maintaining their salary at a competitive level.

The ultimate cost to us was the equivalent of their annual $90K+ salary when taking into account the recruitment of a replacement, training and the lag time for the new employee to get to full productivity”. CFO, California Hospital